The Wiggles
The Wiggles 1991 Album
Album front cover


July 11, 1991


January - February 1991


Children's music

"The Wiggles" is the first album of the group of the same name, released in 1991.

This is the only album that has Phillip.


  1. Get Ready to Wiggle
  2. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
  3. Dorothy the Dinosaur
  4. Mischief the Monkey
  5. Lavender's Blue
  6. Glub Glub Train (Spoken)
  7. Archie's Theme
  8. Montezuma
  9. Archie's Theme (Reprise)
  10. Ducky Ducky (Spoken)
  11. A Frog He Would A Wooing Go
  12. Maranoa Lullaby
  13. Stars (Spoken)
  14. Star Lullaby
  15. Okki Tokki Unga
  16. O Epoe Tooki Tooki
  17. Vini Vini
  18. Spot the Dalmatian
  19. Johnny Works With One Hammer
  20. The Man On The Moon (Spoken)
  21. This Old Man
  22. Suo Gan
  23. Wind (Spoken)
  24. Joseph John's Lullaby
  25. Desert Dreaming (Spoken)
  26. Get Ready To Wiggle (Reprise)


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