Wiggledance! Live in Concert
Wiggledance! Live in Concert is the fifth Wiggles video filmed in December 1996 and released in early 1997 on June 9, 1997 and re-released it in late 1998 on September 6, 1998 (re-release).

Song List:

  1. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
  2. Can You Point Your Fingers and Do The Twist?
  3. Dorothy the Dinosaur
  4. Dorothy, Would You Like to Dance With Me?
  5. Vini Vini (1997 version only)
  6. Wags the Dog
  7. Quack, Quack
  8. Wake Up Jeff!
  9. Nya, Nya, Nya
  10. Five Little Joeys
  11. Baby Beluga
  12. Let's Have a Dance with Henry
  13. Romp Bomp a Stomp
  14. Hot Potato
  15. Get Ready to Wiggle
  16. Nya, Nya, Nya (reprise)


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