This Yummy Yummy video was refilmed in early 1998.

Song listEdit

  1. Hot Potato
  2. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favorite Dinosaur)
  3. Pufferbillies
  4. Henry's Dance
  5. Walk
  6. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  7. The Monkey Dance
  8. Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes
  9. Shaky Shaky
  10. Teddy Bear Hug
  11. Havenu Shalom Aleichem
  12. I Am A Dancer
  13. Gregs Magic Show - Magic Club Music
  14. Numbers Rhumba
  15. Fruit Salad


The Wiggles introduce themselves and Paul the Cook. Paul has some hot potatoes, cold spagetti, and mashed bananas.

Anthony introduces the song about an old steam train called a pufferbelly, and asks everyone to follow along.

Captain Feathersword dances to the dance Henry showed them and the Wiggles were woundering what he was doing. When Captain Feathersword explained about the dance they all tried it together and they think its not much luck, so he tells the Wiggles to go and see Henry to do the dance

Greg comments on how there are many places you walk or run to. Dorothy is walking and eating some roses. Captain Feathersword is running to his pirate ship. Henry is walking to the ocean to have a swim. Wags is running to dig up some bones. Jeff is sleepwalking. Jeff leaves off scene and Greg runs after him to wake him up.

Anthony is with four kids playing with coloured dough and he says that there is a lot of thing that you can do with dough. And really good that you can do with it is to flat it on the table and start hammering it.

On the number 5, everyone's nodding their heads! Then everyone "goes to sleep" and wakes up from that, except for Jeff. Anthony asks the kids to help wake Jeff up. 1, 2, 3 Wake Up Jeff! Jeff gets up and bounces around making monkey sounds. Anthony asks what he is doing. Jeff says he's doing a monkey dance.

The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword are making crunchy munchy honey cakes with Paul the Cook, and spell out the different ingredients. Get an apron and a parent to help you when you make these.

Greg and the Wiggles are going to do a song, but first they need to get into their shaking clothes. They go behind a partitionand come out dressed like Elvis. Each one sound off that they have their shakin clothes.

  • Song 10 - Teddy Bear Hug - The Wiggles sit down on bean bag cousins and sing while playing their in struments. Greg is on electric guitar, Anthony is on acounstic guitar, Jeff is on acordian and Murray is on bass. The kids are sitting on cushions and hold teddy bears. Captain and the mascots are standing in the back; also holding teddy bears.

There are many ways to say hello. Each of the Wiggle say hello in a different language. In Hebrew, they say "Haveneu Shalom Alechem."

  • Song 12 - I Am A Dancer - Greg lead sings this one, while the other wiggles do ballet moves running across in the background
  • Song 13 - Greg's Magic Trick - Greg performs a hanky trick (like the original Yummy Yummy)

Murray is playing a number game with two kids

  • Song 14 - Numbers Rhumba - Greg, Murray, and Jeff each hold a paper with a printed number on it. Anthony wears a sombrero and plays his trumpet. The updated version also features three child dancers: Cassandra, Jessica and Sian.

The Wiggles and Paul the Cook are making fruit salad. Everyone's dressed in chef uniforms as well. Greg says to get a grownup to help. He asks how everyone's doing. Anthony and Murray have been peeling apples and tossing grapes. then its Jeff's turn. Jeff annouces he's just peeled a banana as he flops a banana. Everone say "Beauty mate!"

Closing with "Henry's Dance".


The WigglesEdit

Also FeaturingEdit

  • Leeane Ashley - Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Edward Rooke - Wags the Dog
  • Donna Halloran - Henry the Octopus (? scene)
  • Leanne Halloran - Henry the Octopus (? scene)

Dancing ChildrenEdit

  • Cassandra Halloran
  • Jessica Halloran
  • Joseph Field
  • Clare Field
  • Sian Ryan
  • Emma Ryan

Other Young Children Appearing.Edit

  • Dominic Field
  • Chili Moore
  • Tara Fitzgerald
  • Josephine Perez
  • Thomas Holloway
  • Sophie Holloway
  • Christopher Powell
  • Ned Pike
  • Freya Pike

Havenu Shalom Alechem DancersEdit

  • Larissa Wright
  • Reen Handwell
  • Elyssa Dawnson
  • Kristen Knox
  • Rhiannah Kitching
  • Shannon Smith